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Laurie Glass Quotes

8 Laurie Glass quotes:

"We have one goal in mind. Everybody we meet is standing in the way of that goal. We can't be thinking about anybody except who's on the other side of the net."
Author: Glass Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"We're more offensively balanced than we have been in recent years. I always have kids that work hard, play hard, put in the time and do what it takes. Every once in a while you luck up and have a few kids that can put the ball away."
Author: Glass Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"It's certainly a tradition. It's funny how things have fallen together this time."
Author: Glass Quotes Category: Funny Quotes
"That sound is intimidating. When you're digging and you hear that 'Pop,' you gear up for the full force."
Author: Glass Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"I've never jumped up and down like a crazy woman after a match, but the fact that (Glass) was on the floor for a championship made me lose my mind."
Author: Glass Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"It's special to have that level of both players and coaches who are trying to make volleyball a competitive sport up here."
Author: Glass Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I wouldn't say that we were on top of our game, which gives us room for improvement and things to work on at practice on Monday. The stakes get tougher. You just put that behind and go after the next one."
Author: Glass Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"That's a heck of a recruiting class, I would say. I'm excited about it."
Author: Glass Quotes Category: Class Quotes

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