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"It always bothers me when they ignore Mike's mental grasp of this game and his ability to win football games when they characterize him as just an athletic guy who runs around and makes plays,"
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"We were just trying to establish the culture that we wanted and the style we were going to play with. That was a high effort, high energy going after the football style of defense."
"I'm upbeat about this football team, I'm upbeat about this organization. We're putting together a culture here in Atlanta that will prove to be a winning culture for many, many years."
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"He'll learn to keep his emotions in check. He's a competitor. I'd rather him get a little stuff going than to back down from people. It doesn't need to go to that level that it went to the other night."
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"The guy's going to the Hall of Fame, ... We might as well induct him now."
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"When you've got Ronnie and him out there, there's a real comfort zone because they're both so smart. They understand the game and they take care of the people around them. That's a real attribute you look for."
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"I have decided not to extend Mike Johnson's contract. Mike has worked hard as our quarterbacks coach for the last two seasons and we wish him the very best in the future."
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"He's a quarterback. If he feels like that, that's fine. As the head coach – I'm not a guy who worries about thing like that. But I also didn't have to take 65 snaps from center with a crazed defense across the field. I had a jacket on; he didn't."
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"We would like to see Mike continue to develop consistency throwing the ball, making good decisions on the move -- which we think he has so far -- and recognize the blitz a little bit better and get rid of it when he can, and that's something that Mike hasn't had a lot of experience at, but he's getting better at it. The guy's just a tremendous learner. Anything we ask him to do, he does. The next step in his progression is just continuing to learn what defenses are doing to attack us."
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"We would like to see Michael to continue to improve his consistency throwing the ball, and making good decisions on the move, which we think he has so far,"
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"We're fortunate to come out on the winning side today. I'm proud of our football team. I told them that I love their fight. I love their resilience."
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"The only stat I care about right now is the win. I know the critics will be out in force, but we're 5-2. Here's what I know about Mike Vick. When he starts games, the Atlanta Falcons win two-thirds of them."
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"One of my obligations to the players is to make sure I'm looking out for their health."
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"I hate to say more comfortable because that makes it sound like you're taking it easy, or more relaxed, but there's more familiarity. We know each other. They know what I expect of them on the practice field, in games, in the community and in the meeting rooms. I understand how they're going to respond in certain situations."
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"You hate to lose a player like Kevin because he brings so much to the team on the field and in the locker room. We have to find a way to go on and not make excuses."
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"We struggled to stop the run. Matt Hasselbeck got into a rhythm. We were having trouble getting first downs and they really controlled the second quarter."
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"I think the way we handle this win is almost as important as the victory itself,"
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"I think the way we handled this win, ... is almost as important as the victory itself. This is a mature team, and they know what's ahead. I think they understand that what we have to do now is go out and validate this victory."
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"I've had one run-in with a reporter in Atlanta, and we later came to an understanding, but I try not to ever do that. I treat the media with a lot of respect. I take the position that a big part of my job is to help the media do their job, so they can represent what we're all about to our fans. How else are they going to get accurate information, unless I give it to them?"
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"In the cover two, cornerbacks squat at seven or eight yards, but the rules now say you have to hit them within five yards, ... You just have to be more conscious of when you hit them. You always teach, 'Hit them at five yards and carry them for a while. Find out how far they're going to let you carry them. Let them call it, and then we'll worry about it, you know what I mean?' You have to find out what the parameters are going to be. This year, early at least, the parameters are going to be five yards. They're going to strictly enforce it."
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