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"Our lineup gets dictated by the circumstances of the game."
"[So it was understandable that Wildcats coach Jay Wright expressed much caution in the wake of Fraser's return to practice on Monday. It was his first workout since Oct. 22, when he had his left knee scoped after experiencing swelling following Villanova's second practice.] He looked real strong, ... Now we have to be concerned with how his knee responds after every practice. We're going to take it very, very slow."
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"Is that with an asterisk? ... It's an honor because obviously the coaches have a high regard for our players. Now we have to go out and earn it."
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"If we have seniors like this and I'm yelling and screaming at halftime, we're in a lot of trouble. They've got to take responsibility and they did."
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"It looked a lot worse than it was. Al is going to be released. He has vision and it's going to be day-by-day prognosis now. But it's much, much better than we initially anticipated."
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"We want to shoot 3s, ... We have great confidence in Allan and Mike and Randy, especially. Those three are pretty deadly."
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"We played extremely tough and aggressive. Our defense and rebounding kept us in it. ... Every time Louisville made runs at us (our) guys made big plays. Game number one in the Big East, that's what it's going to be like."
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"Jason has gone through more injuries than any player we have ever coached. He has a great reservoir of faith and mental toughness. We are confident he will come back strong from this."
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"It's going to be important for him to get back playing and just feel good. The only risk he has is the exact same thing happening, but that's the same risk as if it never happened before."
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"I think it changed the game. I think he was way ahead of his time. He caught the country by surprise the year he went to the Final Four. I think even after years he had all that success going to the Final Four, I think that it still took all of us a long time to catch up."
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"I had mixed feelings. I wanted it to end nicely for him, but not at our expense. He had a great game and we got the win. We wanted to be focused, but there was so much going on. Our hotel looked like I spent a weekend in Scranton. My sons were wearing Gerry McNamara jerseys that the Scranton fans gave them."
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"What happened? I thought this was a home game for us and all of a sudden when they cut it to seven, that shocked me. Where did all those people come from?"
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"It's a calculated risk. We are confident we'll be able to do that, but it's still a risk. Until you get it back, it's never in the bag."
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"I'm real proud of our team. To win the conference over a 16-game schedule is a great accomplishment."
"I thought this was a home game for us. When they cut it to seven, (the crowd noise) shocked me."
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"It is an honor being picked by coaches in a league like this. Now we have to go out and earn it."
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"It's good to get them the minutes. It's encouraging to me. I can sleep at night [thinking about] the future."
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"We've got very good shooters, and I don't think it was a matter of them not being on their game. Texas just contested everything."
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"We're a defensive team. We take pride in that. And we just couldn't stop them. ...I've never had that feeling, where you just couldn't stop somebody."
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"Look at Kyle missing the first semester and coming back and being able to play because of his basketball IQ. Shane has not been on campus the whole first semester, and has been able to come in and pick things up rather quickly."
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