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"The No. 1 (criterion) in my mind for drafting a player is tape. How did he play as a college player? The second-most-valuable piece is going to be the character side, football and personal. That gives you a better way to predict how he'll be as a pro. Those two things will tell you."
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"Let's not take away individualism. Let's not take away creativity. Let's just make sure there are bright lines [to follow]."
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"The competition committee looked at this two years ago and we probably should have done something then."
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"[During the 2003 season, McKay said, there were several complaints about the lax enforcement of the rules regarding contact beyond five yards of the line of scrimmage.] [Competition Committee co-chair and Tennessee coach] Jeff Fisher complained, and he's a defensive guy, ... It started before last year, actually. In our last three [annual] reports to the teams, we said we had to do something about the illegal contact. There was just getting to be too much of it. And as we went through last season, I don't want to use the term 'death threat,' but there was going to be a clear emphasis made on clarifying the rule after the season. By the end of last year, it was well on our radar screen."
"Almost from the day I got here, I heard complaints about the field in the indoor facility. It was too hard. Guys would feel like they took a pounding on their legs. The material that was in there before was produced by a company that no longer exists, so it wasn't like we could do anything to make it better."
"In looking at it today and talking to the doctors, the safe way to go is to shut Mike down,"
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"We're preparing as though we're going down two different paths — one with an agreement and one without. Our meetings tonight will really focus on there being no agreement."
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"As far as the window goes, the window is purely a function of the draft in my mind,"
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"That's too much of a wait and too much of a risk."
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"There has been no contact and I've yet to see anything from Cleveland regarding Phil. The NFL has rules that prohibit anybody from contacting an employee of another team until the season is over."
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"We're going to put a little more onus on the defensive player. When the defensive player has an opportunity to avoid, he must take that opportunity to avoid."
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"The reason we wanted big receivers is based on the offense. The ability to block and be a factor on the inside is a huge factor. In the passing game, tall guys present huge targets as they cross the field. In the West Coast offense, you have so many horizontal routes and you have so many guys crossing the field that you need bigger targets."
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"It basically would end the communication."
"I will say one thing: it probably took us more time to discuss it (at preliminary competition committee meetings) and all the different aspects of it this year than any year I can remember in the past. But it is one that has drawn a lot of media attention, and I think the league and the teams have talked a lot about it. We certainly talked a lot about it, and then when we get to Orlando, we'll obviously tell you what our position was. But for now, I'll just say that it is one that's definitely sparked interest."
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"When he has an opportunity to avoid, he must take that opportunity to avoid. When the quarterback has his feet on the ground, he's really defenseless."
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"They did what they did and they knew there would be consequences. But they won championships doing it. They made the trade-off."
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"The quarterback sits in a defenseless position when his feet are on the ground and he's throwing the football. We have to find ways to try to protect him. We're going to put a little more onus on the defensive player. When the defensive player has an opportunity to avoid (a low hit), he must take that opportunity to avoid."
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"If you have no opportunity to avoid, there's no penalty. But there are plays where we believe players are coming off a block, have an opportunity to avoid the low hit and do not, and we would like to see those called (a penalty)."
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"The baseline purpose, as I see it, is two-fold. No. 1, for competitive purposes so the other team has . . . some idea as to who's going to play . . . and No. 2, to discourage anybody from wanting to seek out inside information."
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"The salary-cap system makes you make choices, and some of them are not very popular choices. But because the money is so big, the choices have big consequences if they don't work out. It has a trickle-down effect on the rest of your football team."

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