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"I can't separate myself from them; what kind of leader would that be? Also, that's my position. I can't separate myself from that. I'm going to be in everybody's ear from (quarterback) Brad (Smith) to a defensive back or whoever. But my guys who are wide receivers, I'm going to be in their ear the most because that's who I'm with. I'd never abandon those guys."
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"Our clients were quite impressed with the vision of Nortel's new management and the plans for the future."
Author: Coffey Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"If he sees guys are down or if he sees we're having a sluggish practice, he's the first guy clapping his hands and talking loud and trying to get everybody up. He has so much respect that everybody listens to him. During the game, he's patting cats on the head and trying to keep guys up. He's real quiet outside of football, but when it's football time, he's the ideal player a coach wants to have."
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"I would be very skeptical of any claim that any plaintiff did better than a class member."
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