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"That organization was a culture of corruption. My client was not a leader, he was a follower. He became a cog in the wheel."
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"Duncan's steely determination has driven us to train much harder than we have in previous years. He's our secret weapon."
"Lots of kids liked him, all different kids in his class."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"Basically, I think it's a really bad idea. The Scholastic Aptitude Test has a completely different purpose than the state of Maine said it had in the MEA."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"Two years of trying to win this race, it just didn't happen. We struggled in the conditions, they just handled it better than us."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"We had a secondary count against Budget, asking that they take responsibility for disposing of the evidence."
"The union told us that technology is off the table, ... We have already told the union that we would provide substantial enhancements to the pension package, and we will continue to discuss the issue. Technology cannot be taken off the table. It is the core issue in these talks. We must modernize our terminals and bring our waterfront into the 21st century. The union can't turn back the clock."
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"With better technology comes convergence and in many cases replacement."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"I have no problems raising my dismay because if I had been invited I would have raised these questions."
Author: Edwards Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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