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"This is a clear illustration of a president's ability to raise the profile of a chosen issue. Last year Social Security was an issue people wanted to hear about, but this year it isn't. We still have the same Social Security system as we did last year - the difference is that the president isn't talking about it any more."
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"Thats a critical time in kids lives when they need discipline, and he had it. And he had school spirit. Back then, you were proud to represent your team and your city and your school."
"Because the Olympics tend to be in different time zones, we're prepared to not watch events live. It's a fantastic opportunity for Web video."
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"Those were the songs that were getting people out dancing. We found people were happy listening to it all night long."
"It was cool. My coach doesn't really look for me to score. I just look to play defense, rebound and run the floor, and I guess everything else will come."
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"He molded a lot of young kids. He was a tough, fair and likable guy as a coach."
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"I noticed that. Their coach told me I was going over the time and that's the first time anyone's said I was taking too long."
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"it's all in the conversation."

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