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Mark Few Quotes

46 Mark Few quotes:

"That was a heck of a college basketball game. That was two teams that were slugging it out to stay alive. A team (Xavier) that athletic and that skilled and that well coached and that tough on the defensive side of the ball looked like a five, a four or a three."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We get a lot of requests for scheduling. We see what fits the dates and what we're trying to accomplish. We have had discussions about doing some home-and-homes with Xavier, but we have a lot of people that are interested in doing that."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"He has matured. He's recognizing there are other parts that are somewhat as important to his game as scoring."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"Teams have been coming at us all year. We get everyone's best shot and the last (few) games were no different. We had to battle to win them."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I'm not going to get into any job stuff."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"Sometimes this thing becomes bigger than life itself. It isn't."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"The unsung guy is Batista. He keeps delivering and delivering and delivering every night out."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"It's something we really, really would love to do because we just want to keep playing."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"I don't know what else to say about Adam's performance that hasn't already been said. I think it's sad that we have come to expect those types of games from him every night and wonder what's wrong when he doesn't deliver."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"That was a performance tonight against the other best big on the West Coast."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"He's struggled this year, but he's showing signs of helping us more than he has in the past on the defensive end."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"It's been neat watching him run up and down, banging our guys [at practice] and playing with a lot of enthusiasm,"
Author: Few Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"We had the ball in the hands of the people we wanted to have it in."
Author: Few Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Absolutely not. I'd suggest that we're getting the absolute best shots from every team in our conference every night. We've got the Superman logo on our chests. The teams in our conference know us, they know what we do. It's not easy."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"We did a nice job out there. Our zone was great tonight but it's been good all year. The strength of this team is it's got great versatility."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"You saw two good teams going at it tonight on the floor. Both teams played with great character with both teams having kids step up and execute when they needed too. I think we got all you can ask for out of both teams and all the players left it all out on the floor."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"He was a good, big low post scorer in junior college. There aren't many of those out there. Everybody is looking for them."
Author: Few Quotes Category: College Quotes
"This is a great honor for Adam. I've always said it is a great honor to play for your country, but to have a chance to play in the Olympics takes that honor to a higher level."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"It's far and away the toughest schedule we've undertaken, ... and it's by design. We have a veteran team, and with the addition of those guys, it's really the year to go out and play that kind of schedule."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"We were stagnant. We had no energy. It was time to see somebody else."
Author: Few Quotes Category: Energy Quotes

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