Mel Stottlemyre Quotes

6 Mel Stottlemyre quotes:

"I'm leaving happy. It may not sound like I am. Zimmer didn't leave happy. In that sense it's much different."
"Nothing I would like more than (to) sit down 30 minutes for a conversation with him. He'd probably understand how I feel. That won't happen."
"I think, maybe, at times, he tries a little too hard against them."
Author: Stottlemyre Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"I laughed when I saw it,"
"I'm over that. It did for a while. I laugh at that, too."
"It may have sounded like I left mad, but that wasn't the truth. I left with a good feeling. I think I said what I thought I needed to say upon leaving, and that was it. It had no carryover, no displeasures at anybody."
Author: Stottlemyre Quotes Category: Truth Quotes

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