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"I thought Davis threw pretty good. He pitched better than giving up three runs. In the five games we've played, we could have won four of them easily if we were scoring runs and swinging the bats."
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"It's the first game, and there's a lot of games left. I don't foresee our offense being much of a problem."
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"God, that is a long time ago. It's not everything, but it's a start."
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"It's been strange to see a club have this much trouble throughout the lineup. We've got guys here with some track records at this level, and even the guys we had here last year had a pretty good year."
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"It's not so much one guy, but you got a flu bug like that, you worry about it going through the locker room."
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"I hope so, because it won't be cold all year. We're definitely not hitting on all cylinders."
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"I believe he thought Ryan was going to throw the ball to home plate. He took a pretty good hit."
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"We didn't pitch well all the way around, didn't make any quality pitches. Colby was up in the strike zone and couldn't keep the ball down. But everybody threw like that."
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"We didn't swing the bats well for three games really. They [Braves pitching] had to create the runs for us the first game with a bunch of walks, and really we should have won that game Saturday - that's the one that was the killer. Really, we were never in command today."
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