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17 John Brady quotes:

"We didn't think he was playing as well as he was capable. He did get in some early foul trouble, but I don't think he was as mentally sharp as we needed him to be."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"Tyrus is a tremendous athlete who we need back."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"We travel one of our academic advisors with our team. We try to stay in tune to what our players need to do on the road and what they're missing in the class, particularly the ones that need some more attention."
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"I think we kind of quit playing to win and (started) playing not to lose. We had it going. We just didn't finish it off. It's a game we let go."
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"It's not Christmas, it's New Year's. But maybe we gave them a game."
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"I think they have a comfort zone in terms of personalities, where they understand each other and there's no friction ever. Sometimes I think they're disagreeing with one another too much and they say, 'Coach, that's OK. We've done this for years.' I have to back off. They have their own little language how they deal with each other."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"They trust one another and maybe a little more than some other teams because they have known each other since they were in grade school. Maybe that allows them to face whatever, being nervous, to take on whatever comes. They don't let anything bother them."
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"He plays hard, has a great body and is a scary enough shooter. He's a good defender and competitor. I like the way he plays, by what I've seen in games and on tape. He can certainly lift their team and make them play better. We'll have to pay extra attention to him, on and off the ball."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"They have their own way of communicating, their own language that I'm not privy to and their own way of doing things."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"The ability to step up and make free throws shows you a lot about our team. We're a little young ourselves, but we're making plays with the youth that we have, which is quite encouraging."
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"He had good height and was a very good athlete, but it was only his first year of playing quarterback."
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"I think the ability of Felix to guard Darrel Mitchell as he did -- a bigger guy, a physical guy on Darrel -- we never really got ourselves in a rhythm on offense. It seemed like to me we were always struggling on offense. For the most part, our execution wasn't where it needed to be."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"I think on any given night, any good college basketball team can beat another one, particularly in a tournament situation."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"We were going to double team him on ball screens and not let him get a comfort zone of coming off the screen with the ball. We were going to bump him every time he tried to go through the lane. The unique thing about it, you can play good defense, but when you can play good defense aggressively as we did without fouling, I think that's a key."
Author: Brady Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"He played on sheer determination."
"I give him a lot of credit for showing that kind of discipline."
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"The outstanding ones are usually gone. You have to start over with freshman and sophomore talent."
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