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Chad Brown Quotes

9 Chad Brown quotes:

"If we find a way to win this game, I want to see how we handle all the success. How will we react? We've got a bye week coming up. Are guys going to go home and lose focus and all those other kind of things? Suppose we lose this game by some close score. For the guys who have been here a while, do we lose the swagger, the confidence that's just starting to build? Do we think, 'Oh, this is just like it was before around here?' That's why this is so huge."
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"It's a guessing game. You've prepared for some guys, then all of a sudden they release them. Then you have to prepare for some new guys. You have the unknown. Obviously, every team is going to have some new wrinkle. What is that wrinkle? ... You just have to be prepared to get to the sideline and adjust."
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"I was in Pittsburgh and they let Rod Woodson go. There were posters that (read) 'Rod Is God' inside the stadium. If a team can let God go, they'll definitely let me go, too."
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"There are lots of reasons why I came here, ... It was an opportunity to win some games and play for Bill Belichick, one of the great defensive minds."
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"The funny thing is, I've watched games from last year, practices from last year,"
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"He not only was my soccer coach, but a mentor for life. He was a friend. I have nothing but best wishes for him. He was always very interested in us doing well outside of soccer. I last played for him 12 years ago and every year he calls me on my birthday. He was just always very supportive of everything in your life. It wasn't all about athletics. I'm a fairly successful guy now and a lot of it is due to him."
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"That's obviously very motivating, ... Coach putting the red dot on you (while) watching film and letting you know this was not acceptable. He was an equal opportunity dotter. No one has played perfectly."
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"For them, it starts with defense and they made it difficult on us tonight."
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"He has an incredible football mind. No matter what the play, no matter what the situation, he knows what every player on the field is doing. I can't say every NFL coach can do that."
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