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"Without an education, they won't ever see us on TV because we wouldn't be eligible to play. So, you've got to have an education to even get this far. But like I talked to them last year, it's all about getting the grades first."
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"We just need to go out there and fight as hard as we can for coach and for ourselves. We are the ones that are going to be putting the ball in the hole and diving on the floor. There are little things that we have to take care of the next couple weeks. I think that we can get it done, and it can still be a great year for us."
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"There are just too many times when we have one or two guys who take time off on defense. You can't have that. You've got to have all five guys playing defense on every possession."
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"Sometimes in a situation like that, you'd just rather lose that game by 40 than to lose it by one like that. Losing like that, it hurts me more. To me, I felt like I let my team down. I know I could have hit that shot, but I guess you've just got to move on."
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"I'm just glad this is all out the way. I just hope that other players, what I went through for the last three years I've been here, don't have to go through it. I'm glad we got everything on the right foot, and we are starting fresh."
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"It's an honor to play for him. This team has fought real hard to get where we've gotten. Four weeks ago, we could have let the season go, but we've fought hard."
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"We have to keep fighting, trying to find ways to win the game. As a team we know we can win games if we shoot in the 30s -- if we play defense like we did in the second half."
"We wanted to win real bad, as you can see. But in my heart, we can play with anybody. Ohio State, they're a great team, but we're a great team, too. We just came up short."
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"All the hard work we put in came to the (forefront)."
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"That's the way I've played since I was a kid in AAU and in high school. We need guys that can come off the bench and give the team a spark and make a run. That's what I did tonight."
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"He told D.J. in the locker room that he would be the go-to man next season and if you know that then you might as well stay. I think he's leaning toward coming back."
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