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Maurice Freeman Quotes

6 Maurice Freeman quotes:

"No one can say we ever gave up. We fought hard the whole game. If we keep fighting like that, we could be something special, too."
"I think the kids let their guard down, felt like they were great after our first game. Obviously, we're not feeling like that this year."
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"We've got other guys who do a great job, but Robert's exceptional. He does the things you can't coach. You can't coach speed. Some of his cuts, some of his acceleration, some of his cutbacks, there's no coaching in that. It's just a gift."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I'm excited about it. I want to see if the guys have retained the information we've given them. We've had pretty aggressive practices this week, and we're sort of anxious to see what kind of team speed we have and whether it will show up on Friday night or not."
"It's a nice facility. We love it. It was desperately needed. We needed a place with more space."
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"Just with our schedule being as tough as it's going to be, we're trying to find someone that will come play us at home for two years."
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