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"It wasn't necessarily anything he showed me on the football field as far as throws, or his physical ability or anything like that. It was just his demeanor in the way that he was able to mentally get through (adversity) and not only stand pat, but continue to ascend."
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"I'm fighting that battle not to have that go through my mind, ... Right now it's just working, rehabbing and getting ready, getting to 100 percent, doing what I do, and letting all the chips fall where they may."
"I love playing here, ... I played in a dome in college. I played inside in Arena Football. I've played in the dome here. I just love playing inside. It's my element. It's what I'm comfortable with. ... It was great to get back in here. If we play this way at home, we're going to be a very, very tough team to beat."
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"[Warner visited former teammates before the game and said hello to Rams coach Mike Martz, who turned his old job over to Bulger two years ago.] It wasn't that strange at all, ... This is my team now."
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"It's going (to depend) on his confidence to get up, snap and put it in the right spot time and time again, ... But it's more the confidence and the quickness to learning with your off hand. Try and brush your teeth with your left hand. It's not as easy as it sounds."
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"Guys hang on every word because they just feel the confidence that comes from him: 'This is what we're going to do, this is how we're going to win. They can pretty much take what he says to the bank."
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"It's funny because I've played against so many guys that I've played with over the years the last two weeks, ... It's probably not going to be any different. There's going to be some hugs and smiles before the game, but then you're going to get out there and battle."
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"We have to be able to run the football,"
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"I expect huge things from this football team. I expect big things from this offence with the playmakers that we have now. I think it matches up very well with teams that I have been on in the past."
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"The fun thing is now you can really fine-tune on one team, ... Instead of throwing the whole playbook at people and saying, 'Here, learn all this,' you get specific now, you get to watch film, get to attack what you think the Giants are going to do."
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"I thought Eli looked poised. It was one of those games where, fortunately for him, he wasn't called upon to do a whole lot. They had a lot of big runs and he had a couple of screens that were probably his biggest plays. I think the game played out the they wanted it to. They took the pressure off him, which allowed him to continue to grow and get better."
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"We have to get the ball in the end zone. It's tough to win kicking field goals."
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"[Warner finished 27-for-46 for 264 yards with one touchdown and one interception.] I just hate to lose, ... so all of them are tough no matter how you do it."
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"She was happy that we got it done so she didn't have to move. Had this not worked out here, I don't know what I would have done."
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"This isn't anything major, just disappointing. Obviously this is going to take the rest of the season, so that's the disappointing part of it. I'm just thankful that it is what it is, that it will not require any surgery, and that it will be a three to four week injury."
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"We just made some mistakes. We killed ourselves. It wasn't physical. It was mental. That's the frustrating part. You know physically you match up pretty well with them."
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"With the talent I've been around, and I've been around a lot of talent, this team matches up very favorably with the talent that I've been around."
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"It is a struggle and a battle because the air around this place is that -- `same old Cardinals, here we go again.' It's a tough mentality, ... Just like winning is contagious, losing can be contagious."
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