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"[This was a] huge ... It changed Goldman Sachs' ability to underwrite and everyone else on Wall Street's ability to underwrite companies that did not have major physical assets."
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"Last year I know it was the most profitable privately owned company in America. And this includes Levi Strauss, the United Parcel Service. This includes household names. Goldman Sachs was more profitable than any of them."
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"There's no doubt in my mind, ... that the firm's culture and its partnership are what have set it apart from the rest of the industry to this point, and without the firm's partnership it will become much more like every other firm in the industry."
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"Early in the morning before school started he would have high school seniors come in to the trading floor and play cards with him, ... poker, bridge -- any sort of game where there's a strategy involved, the way that was remembering the cards, where he could watch people's minds and see how they thought and see how analytical they were. And those who were good players got hired as traders."
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