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John Cunningham Quotes

8 John Cunningham quotes:

"Not bad for a first two miles of the season. She ran a great race."
Author: Cunningham Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Certainly, Bobby is most deserving of this honor. Bobby is a true role model, and we as an organization are very appreciative of his efforts this season and in the past."
Author: Cunningham Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"Jamie came in over the summer and she said 'Coach, tell me what I need to do to lead this team,' ... I told her to go out and get in front and they'll all follow. I was thinking about a top five finish but you can't argue with first place."
Author: Cunningham Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"As Portland's team, the Timbers organization prides itself on its extensive community involvement, ... Brian Winters has been there front-and-center leading those efforts for five years, so this honor is well-deserved."
"This is an outstanding opportunity for me. Not only am I excited to have joined such a vibrant organization, but I also get to work in PGE Park, one of the finest facilities anywhere. I'm also looking forward to working closely with Jim Taylor (Timbers' general manager) and his talented staff to continue building on the success of soccer in Portland."
"If you can't solve in your own head the pain, you're not going to be successful at all. And Jamie has the kind of focus and the mind set that 'I don't want anybody to catch me,'"
Author: Cunningham Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"Courtney is a standout freshman. She's making adjustments to the longer high school courses and once she learns the course layouts, she'll handle it just fine."
Author: Cunningham Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Daisy can make about five miles with fully charged batteries, then her cute little rear end must be turned to the sun for 'refueling,' ... She does have a standby generator to run her many decorative 110-volt lights and keep her batteries charged at night when her bottom goes cold."
Author: Cunningham Quotes Category: Cute Quotes

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