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"One of the things we don't do is that we don't penetrate. We don't have that ability on our team. We have one guy who can get by people on the dribble, and right now his knowledge of basketball is such that he can't find the open player. We just don't put pressure on the defense to make them help. We've allowed teams to play us head-up. If you're not getting the shot in that sweet spot, it's not going to go down easily."
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"By the end of the season, it was like literally being in a bubble. We were floating through the experience."
"We're picking up the pieces and moving forward. We're constantly reminding ourselves that there's still a half-year of basketball to play."
"I thought that the biggest message that we delivered was that they're big boys. Everybody was responsible for us losing yesterday. Players, coaches, everybody had a hand in that. It's human nature, but no one feels sorry for you. Even though you think that they should feel sorry for you. We went back to the method we used in Dallas. We asked for maximum effort. We told them that there would be a constant rotation of players. And the second quarter was the difference. The second half was an exercise in futility and it's a shame that guys don't grasp the idea that every opportunity should be maximized."
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"This is a group that deserves to be celebrated. What you have seen may never be repeated anywhere in college basketball."
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"Of all the things we do, that's probably the most confidence that we have. If you want to throw the ball inside, we have a way of taking that away from you."
"We're clearly playing our best basketball now. We were 11th in the A-10 after the Temple game (Feb. 14), and this is a tribute to our four seniors. They knew we were better than our record showed."
"You know it's coming. You know they're going to go on a run You watch enough of their games and you know it's going to happen. I've watched six of their games and I knew what was coming. You just hope you have the plays in your repertoire to withstand it. We didn't. It got away from us."
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"Can you imagine? One-for-21 in your own building. That's what keeps you up at night with this team."
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"I enjoy going to Dayton, because the crowd support is great. They actually cheer for their team, and there's none of the goofiness that you find at some places around the country."
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"We crumbled a little bit mentally more than anything else. We've got to find out the reasons and work on them."
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