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Chad Henne Quotes

9 Chad Henne quotes:

"My confidence was fine (against Eastern Michigan),"
Author: Henne Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"What my high school coach and I were saying is we can go back home with our heads up high now,"
Author: Henne Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"It's mostly in the spread periods for the defense and trying to give the defense a look for the spread teams that come up (this season)."
Author: Henne Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"Now we need to put together two wins and come out with great emotion every time."
Author: Henne Quotes Category: Emotions Quotes
"It's always in the back of our mind."
Author: Henne Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"We can't make excuses. People just need to step up and play their role. Injuries aren't a factor. We were prepared this week and we just didn't come out and execute."
Author: Henne Quotes Category: Excuse Quotes
"Eyes are on you when you do go out in the public, and I want to minimize that. I just try to be with the family and not make any decisions you don't want to, ... Just being with them because I don't see them often, just once a week, was great just to see them and be with them."
Author: Henne Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"I had a lot of opportunities out there but I didn't execute. I didn't play to my ability. It wasn't the pressure. I'm used to that. I wasn't throwing the ball where it was supposed to go. Some (passes) were high, some low."
"I didn't play to my ability,"
Author: Henne Quotes Category: Ability Quotes

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