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"It was funny, during the making of this movie I was really sad because you're not getting anything back and you're giving so much to so many other people. I feel like that's the way Claire was. She spends a lot of time on other people, giving people advice and learning about people; and she doesn't really take care of herself in that way."
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"May favorite food at the moment is Pasta, "with tons of shaved Parmesan on the side. Not crumbly but like the hunks, you know what I mean...when you get the thin slices."
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"Like any child and mother, it's a difficult process, and it didn't have to do with movies and working together, in that sense, ... It was misconstrued as dramatic, like, `You separated from your mother.' Actually, I just moved out of the house."
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"Her words are like the music of a song. No wonder this guy falls for her."
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"Tobey can cry just like that. Whenever I have a crying scene, I have to listen to sad music, put my headphones on and kind of zone out."
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"Nobody has wanted all of me as much as she has, ... She lets things happen. She lets mistakes happen."
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"I am really happy and in love."
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"I love what I do and I don't want to stop - This is all I've ever wanted."
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"Madonna is my role model she's such a powerful woman. I love Gwenyth Paltrow, she's an actress I aspire to be like. And, of course, my mom. She drove me from New Jersey to New York every day for commercials so I could get where I am today."
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"women at the top."
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