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Patrick McEnroe Quotes

7 Patrick McEnroe quotes:

"Andre would be happy with another shot against Nadal."
Author: McEnroe Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"He doesn't want to take that risk at this point, which I certainly understand. The other guys have stepped up. I feel as good as I felt going in with the second guy as I've felt in a while."
Author: McEnroe Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"He's got to trust his game, keep improving, and maybe at some point he can sneak out a win."
Author: McEnroe Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"If he get his health together and is playing well in the summer, certainly I will talk to him. Any time he says he's interested, I'm interested. I'd be crazy not to be. He's Andre Agassi."
Author: McEnroe Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"He has a lot of potential and he seems like a nice kid, but I'm concerned. The last thing I want to do is rough up the kid."
Author: McEnroe Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"Before he had some wins but he was playing high-risk tennis. He still has the flash, but it's more contained. I think he's playing much better than he played when he was 22 in the world."
Author: McEnroe Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"He's a work horse and finally woke up and smelled the coffee that he has to play ... that grinding type of tennis."
Author: McEnroe Quotes Category: Coffee Quotes

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