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"People are definitely expecting (the Jan. 31 minutes) to show similar language to the previous meeting, which is they are coming toward the end but they are not there yet."
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"We had a big rally on Friday, so any weakness this morning is basically the market trying to unwind some of the strength from Friday."
"As an individual investor, you're basically lending to the government for an additional 30 years compared to the 10-year note, but getting no extra risk premium. That being said, there will be structural demand for the new bond."
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"Columbus has always been pretty up on country, but some of the stuff that's coming now is amazing."
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"It's part of our community health and wellness program. There will be 10 fitness stations along the trail that will allow people to do low-impact exercises ? and anyone can use it, including children, the elderly and the physically challenged. We're not excluding anyone."
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"The language will give you an insight into whether there has been a shift in their feelings on the economy and on rates, or whether they feel they are getting to a reasonable level and they want to give themselves more flexibility."
"We would be very surprised if he says anything that deviates from the party line."

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