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12 John Peterson quotes:

"Natural disasters, disease outbreaks and potential bioterrorism attacks do not discriminate based on population or geographic location."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"This one-of-a-kind museum will help promote tourism in a beautiful, historic region of the country that has been struggling economically."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"At most of the larger schools, mock trial is part of the curriculum in communication arts. It's particularly gratifying to see Lawrence's program progress so fast as an extracurricular activity."
"It's basic economics, and the lack of understanding of basic economics in this Congress is why this country is in trouble,"
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Natural gas is an issue this (Congress) needs to deal with."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"If (opponents) win the argument, America's economic future suffers,"
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We're going to need to get some shots to fall if we want to win against Big Timber. The girls showed the intensity we need in the fourth quarter today, but we need that all the time."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"We didn't score as much as we wanted to. But the girls stepped up in the fourth quarter and got back into the lead."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"Today's good-paying jobs demand not only strong academic skills, but also technical training and computer proficiency, ... While our area offers world-class four-year and advanced degrees, we fall far short when it comes to teaching basic job skills and preparing our young people to deal with new and emerging technologies."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"Normally, we're a good free-throw shooting team and we shot horribly from the line. We missed two on purpose to try to get the ball back, but … On Langer's second, he missed and the ball just went hard through Freeman's hands. It was just one of those things."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"It's not a matter of how we stand as single institutions. We're willing to work together."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"As long as it creates a level playing field for all businesses and bars, it is worth going for."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Worth Quotes

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