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"I told him I was starting all over again, and if you don't mind I wanted to get it started up there."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"We're starting all over again in the place where I was most happiest, up here in State College."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: College Quotes
"It?s one of the most dangerous buildings we have in the fire district. If the place burns down, I really wouldn?t care, but I worry about fire spreading to the riparian corridor and adjoining properties."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"We are an educated family, so it's very hard to fathom that this could happen. I don't think my nephew was involved in any gang-related [activity]. If he wasn't at home, he was with his girlfriend."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"Something permanently dedicated to classrooms and education is needed ... to carry out (the) mission."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"I think we gained a little respect with how we played. People thought we were a bunch of ragamuffins before the game."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: People Quotes
"This is just so excellent for the kids to have. Some of these kids you can't get them off the computer now. This will allow them to be a part of the learning process and not simply be lectured to."
Author: Clark Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"If you research, you'd see crypto has long been a bane of public swimming facilities. It's near the top of the list of problems any public type of pool should be concerned about. The outbreak can spread like wildfire. The size of this (outbreak) is amazing."
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