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"There's been cases in Dubuque and Iowa City, but we don't know which campus was infected first. Any infectious disease spreads easier on a college campus."
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"The college environment is a perfect situation for infectious disease, especially mumps. It's shared through saliva, so students can get it by living so close together, coughing, sneezing, sharing drinks and kissing. It tends to spread fairly easily."
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"We'd hate to say we're out of the woods."
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"These people may have exposed other people on those planes or in these airports."
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"When it comes to infectious disease, college campuses are sort of a perfect storm - close quarters, where people are coughing and sneezing, where they are not thinking much about hygiene and think nothing of sharing a beer glass or sharing saliva via kissing. All those kinds of things that would easily spread disease happen on college campuses and probably contributed to what we saw all these cases in Iowa."
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"We're focused on stopping it right now. Maybe after we have it under control we'll explore the origins of the outbreak ... even if we knew what was causing it, it wouldn't change how we are addressing the situation."
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