Linda Barrabee Quotes

6 Linda Barrabee quotes:

"Of all the accessories for cell phones, the ones people most want are headsets and other hands-free devices."
Author: Barrabee Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Carriers haven't delivered a really easy and palatable experience. If you can deliver that with quick snippets of video, people will pay for that."
"If you can't do something different over the air and offer customers the ability to do more, what makes them pay $2.50?"
Author: Barrabee Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"It's still very much about price, coverage, quality of the network ... then very far down the list are these kinds of added services."
Author: Barrabee Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"Carriers have been wanting to control the experience and have their brand be top of mind with the consumer."
Author: Barrabee Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Most carriers want their users to stay on the company's home page, yet this could drive usage of data services."
Author: Barrabee Quotes Category: Home Quotes

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