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"He'll get his most action."
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"We'll have to roll guys in there, ... I think we felt his absence a little bit. He'd really played well at nose guard and held the point down for us. That's a key, key position on the defensive front."
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"They have some other players. With D.J. Shockley's ability to throw the ball down the field, I think they'll still take some deep shots."
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"I think we took to heart some of the criticism of our league and the fact that no one was predicting us to win. Basically, we were playing in their home environment, their home state."
"I don't want to dampen anyone's enthusiasm, ... but we should be the underdog."
"Those guys were not intimidated or overly excited about the environment at all. Nothing overwhelmed them. Really this was the case for them all year."
"His options are really limited. I know he'd have to go to a junior college and graduate before getting a chance at another Division I school."
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"In 20-some years of college coaching, I have never had two quarterbacks hurt in one game. I don't want to jinx us."
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"They're playing with a lot of confidence. They're playing fast, too. If your guys play hard and play fast, that gives you a chance, and that's what they're doing."
"It's really big to be able to play with confidence, and they are. Of course, hopefully our guys are [confident], too."
"[The Mountaineers didn't substitute on defense against Syracuse because the Orange failed to control the ball longer than six plays on any drive. Syracuse's longest drive covered 26 yards.] We never had an opportunity to get another group in there, or test our conditioning, ... We never got gassed, because they were three and out so many times. We wanted to play more people. That's a goal of ours."
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"Not only were we down, it wasn't even a ball game. They were in control. I told our guys all we need is a spark or two."
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"Our guys believed the whole season that we could defend our Big East title, and we've played with that dedication and focus on the field. I'm very happy for our seniors and our whole football family."
"They'll either be in bed or they'll be back on the plane to Pittsburgh. Nobody wants to be sent home from a bowl game because, one, you want to enjoy a big game and, two, your name is going to be on the bottom of that ESPN ticker thing that goes non-stop across the bottom of the TV screen."
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"It's like a basketball coach saying he's been to the Final Four. It's nice to have that recognition, but our goal is to be there more than once, and win it."
"As I mentioned to some folks last night. There's a lot of good football teams in the Big East and we had some very competitive battles with them and we'll continue to have those the next several years."
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"I think you're going to have to make some plays in the passing game, whether or not the opportunities are there I don't know. But nobody has been able to run the ball on them,"
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"Playing in a BCS game helps with getting the team name out there. Players are going to go where they think they can excel."
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"The last couple of games there's been a lot of long drives. The games are going a lot faster, which is OK as long as you win it."
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"Not only were we down, but we didn't really have any signs of hope in those other 3 quarters. It was kind of improbable."
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