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Albert Young Quotes

7 Albert Young quotes:

"It felt like every time I was running I didn't have a good base under me,"
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"Priority number one is no secret -- it's to get the running game back. We know we have a good quarterback in Drew. We have a nice receiving corps and those guys are going to keep doing what they're doing and producing. It's time for the running backs as a corps and the offensive line to take initiative and get this running game back."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"And I saw how hard that was, ... I sure could have used instant replay for that."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"For one, we were putting (our defensive) guys in bad field position. And another thing, we weren't giving them any breaks. Those guys need to be able to go on the sidelines, catch their breath and regroup. When the offense is going three-and-out, it's like (the defense) has hardly been off the field."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"When you're running the ball so successfully and getting a lot of five-, eight-, 12-yard gains, after a while that time starts to tick away. If we could do that every game, that would be ideal."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"There's some truth to that. With offense, there's a lot more timing involved and things like that. I would say defense comes along quicker, but that's not an excuse for us not to get our work done."
Author: Young Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"Three points, five turnovers, I don't think you could beat any college football team - I don't care what level it is - with that kind of performance. It's uncharacteristic of us, and that's what hurts the most."
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