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8 Sarah Williams quotes:

"Though my soul may set in darkness, It will rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly To be fearful of the night"
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Darkness Quotes
"Our focus remains on compliance and providing Florida's environment with the best protection and the best use of taxpayer dollars."
"Briana is using it to go to college. I am probably, in a year and a half, going to the graduate school."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: College Quotes
"I have good friends who live up here, who have been trying to get me to move up here for two years. It looks like a good place to raise a family, and I have a 2-year-old, so I'm going to stay here."
"The impetus [for the auction] is to honor the founders who are still with us. But we also want to highlight the properties that are with us thanks to the work of the trust."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"The state is not intending on selling it, or developing it or giving it away. Not even when the lease is up."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"It's been cleared but now security says everything is fine."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"This is a program that got the situation taken care of before there were any problems."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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