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"We always talk about him and when he has the ball all eyes are on him. Teams tend to focus on him when he has the ball and it creates opportunities for other guys."
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"Many of the fires that we see in college housing, in fact [the] vast majority of them, are preventable. There are steps that can be taken prior to the fire to ensure that it didn't have the fatal outcome we see."
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"State College is very fortunate in that it was able to identify this problem and react to it appropriately. I don't know if that's the case in other places across the country."
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"From what I've seen all year, that hasn't been called. It's a two-minute at best. That's the consistency factor. It's a two-minute call in every other game. Then Shawn Williams gets a two and a 10 for arguing and that hasn't been called all year."
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"We did have some quality shots and he made some saves."
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"It's going to come down to who makes the least number of mistakes."
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"We know they're a lot better team than they showed tonight. We got some momentum tonight and we rode it and were able to hold on."
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"It's frustrating. There's no magic formula or magic play that's going to get us out of it. It's sticking to the recipe that successful teams have and that's working hard."
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