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12 Tim Whitehead quotes:

"Like any good goalie, it becomes more difficult to make saves if you take his eyes away on screens and get to the net on second and third shots."
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"Certainly I think it's better for college hockey when you have things spread out, but it doesn't always work that way."
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"It's very difficult to put a consistent run together in college hockey, and I think we're a good example of that. We've had our moments but at the same time, we're very beatable as well. I think a team like BU is a good example."
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"I've just been so impressed with his consistency in improving each year. He's just improved tremendously every single year. And he came in as a true freshman, so his development has been fast-tracked."
"It used to be you see a handful of staffs out there recruiting consistency. And now you see just about everybody."
"There was a real determination from that group of seniors that was left behind, so to speak, to do something special."
"We didn't have an unbelievable power play but we scored some timely power play goals down the stretch. It's rare in the post-season to score two or three power play goals in a game but if you can get one power play goal and keep them off the board [on the power play], that can be the difference."
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"Right now, giving them both the opportunity to play is in the team's best interest. We will need them both to be strong all the way through. When one plays well, the other seems to play well. I have sensed a very good competitive relationship there. They are helping each other to improve and inspiring each other with their play. That's what you want, a healthy-competitive relationship."
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"We give the guys the freedom to make plays under pressure and sometimes it bites us."
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"I think the only reason we've been here is because of special teams. So, it's a bit ironic that special teams cost us the game. We give our guys freedom to make plays on the power play. Sometimes, it comes back to bit us."
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"Obviously we're disappointed for Derek because we care about him so much. But mistakes happen. Hopefully we can advance. If we do, hopefully Derek will have an opportunity to play."
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"Each year, leaders emerge for the team, and Derek certainly emerged for us in a lot of different leadership areas. He continues to assert himself in a very positive way for his team. He has a lot of great things ahead of him in the future."

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