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"McQueen fought. I was impressed with how hard they played. It was a hard-fought, good high school game."
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"I think we were too emotional to start the game. We got that big lead more on emotion than substance. And once the emotion wore off, we struggled."
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"He started out hot. He had a solid game."
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"The football players brought a toughness to our team, especially to our drills in practice. We used to think that our drills were pretty tough but with these guys, we found that we could make them even tougher."
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"We're really going to need some kids to step up for us next year. The thing about Armon is that he didn't just score for us. He did so many things for us. And we were going to ask him to do even more next year."
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"I didn't sleep for two days thinking about this game. Reed has too many good shooters."
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"I have no doubt that he has the ability and the drive to do whatever he wants to do in this game. I would never put any limits on what he can accomplish."
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"Armon was such a fun kid to coach. I've never had a kid who worked so hard on his game. He's a special kid. We're really going to miss him."
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"We called a timeout (trailing 71-65 with 1:45 to go) and coach (Charles) Walker had the words that mattered the most. He just said, 'Ball pressure. Put pressure on the ball.' And that's what we did."
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