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"I think they're pretty well in step with other counties. The state just rolled out its voter education program last week. There really isn't anything they could have done. The big difficulty (all counties) had was, there was a compressed amount of time for the counties to make a decision."
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"When you send a kid to college who is not prepared and then you flunk him out, that kid is walking around the rest of his life with a great big 'F' branded on his forehead. They think of themselves as failures the rest of their lives."
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"I will use the words 'unjust enrichment' for someone to work 400 hours a year and get full-time health benefits."
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"Within weeks of signing federal legislation that siphons off more than $39 billion from essential health and human service programs including Medicaid, Child Support and Child Welfare services, the President released a budget that assures, yet again, that Pennsylvania's vulnerable citizens as well as state and local governments will be asked to shoulder an undue and growing fiscal burden."
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