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Michael Marsh Quotes

6 Michael Marsh quotes:

"Gomes advised that he thought he extinguished the fire."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"It will probably still look like sausage. But maybe it won't be quite as contentious as in the past, and maybe some of the regional differences will be resolved."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"If the regulatory burden continues to outpace the producers' ability to stay in business, they will just continue to leave. It will mean a smaller industry. But it also means a loss of a significant number of jobs."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"This is probably a good move, to have folks try to work out their differences beforehand and to get a jump-start in identifying the issues."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"My guess is, it's going to face a tough go in Congress. It really isn't being received very well in the industry."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"We try to put a little pressure on them and force turnovers and get easy buckets."
Author: Marsh Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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