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393 Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche quotes:

"There are slavish souls who carry their appreciation for favors done them so far that they strangle themselves with the rope of gratitude."
"There are various eyes. Even the Sphinx has eyes: and as a result there are various truths, and as a result there is no truth."
"Whoever does not have a good father should procure one."
"One should never know too precisely whom one has married"
"Altered opinions do not alter a man's character (or do so very little); but they do illuminate individual aspects of the constellation of his personality which with a different constellation of opinions had hitherto remained dark and unrecognizable."
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"Madness is something rare in individuals -- but in groups, parties, peoples, ages it is the rule."
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"One must have a good memory to be able to keep the promises that one makes"
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"Actual philosophers... are commanders and law-givers: they say ''thus it shall be!'', it is they who determine the Wherefore and Whither of mankind, and they possess for this task the preliminary work of all the philosophical laborers, of all those who have subdued the past -- they reach for the future with creative hand, and everything that is or has been becomes for them a means, an instrument, a hammer. Their ''knowing'' is creating, their creating is a law giving, their will to truth is -- will to power. Are their such philosophers today? Have there been such philosophers? Must there not be such philosophers?"
"The thousand mysteries around us would not trouble but interest us, if only we had cheerful, healthy hearts."
"I know my fate. One day there will be associated with my name the recollection of something frightful -- of a crisis like no other before on earth, of the profoundest collision of conscience, of a decision evoked against everything that until then had been believed in, demanded, sanctified. I am not a man I am dynamite."
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"He who cannot lie does not know what the truth is"
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"It was modesty which in Greece invented the word "philosopher" and left the splendid arrogance of calling oneself wise to the actors of the spirit --the modesty of such monsters of pride and self-glorification as Pythagoras, as Plato."
"The belief in authority is the source of conscience; which is therefore not the voice of God in the heart of man, but the voice of some men in man."

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