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"Everyone on the team is very, very motivated,"
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"I'm looking forward to this race. I really like running on the bigger speedway tracks and tend to do well. They are faster and it is easier to plan your moves. I have competed at Pikes Peak twice before when I was running in the Southwest Series and although it has been a couple of years, the open test session on Friday will bring it all back. I've done well there in the past and really like the track."
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"The mailing of this newspaper . . . appears to be an end run around the [campaign finance] $150,000 spending limit."
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"Compared to what she was running, these things are pig heavy and have no power. If I had to jump into an Indy Car, I'd be as lost as she was. Now that she's getting accustomed to the cars, we are beginning to see her potential."
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"he explains. There was a lot of rubber on the track from the IRL practice and it began to sprinkle just as I went out. However, I knew we had a great Dodge and figured if we could qualify in the top 10, we would be good to go."
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"Truth be known, I am actually looking forward to this round, ... The West Series has never competed on this track, so it is pretty much like sailing into uncharted waters. There is no open test so everyone will be on the same page when practice gets underway on Saturday morning. A lot will depend on the crew and that is one of the areas where we excel. Our Lynch Mob crew is very good at getting the job done in short order. Once we have run the track a few times, we should be able to get our Mr. Gas Dodge in race trim in with virtually no problem."
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"My guys did an outstanding job, ... They really had to work hard and while it looked like luck was totally against us, we actually came out gaining eight points which puts us in the lead by 41. With one race left we are ready to go and fully intend to bring home our second championship."
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"[With both qualifying and racing taking place on Saturday, racers will have an open practice on Friday.] Being able to run on Friday really helps, ... It gives us time to make sure everything is in perfect running order and assures that when the Green Flag flies, we will be ready to go."
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"I can't quite remember a race like this, ... It all started out fine. Our Mr. Gas Dodge was strong and we were making headway, in fact, by Lap 69 we were in the lead. We dropped back to second and then just before the halfway point our troubles began. All of a sudden, we got tagged which resulted in a spin out and, if that wasn't enough, for some strange reason, it broke the transmission."
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