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"The most encouraging development for NBC is the development of a comedy that could get viewers to take a new look at the network and 'My Name is Earl' is the type of program that has sustainability."
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"Comedic locations are often within families or within the manufactured families of a group of friends. It's significantly more difficult to make a sitcom that has broad sociological touch points. The same dynamic plays out on the big screen. You can have a constituency for 'Monster-in-Law' and 'Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,' but never the two shall meet."
"The most important innovation for 'Desperate Housewives' wasn't its being a prime-time soap opera, ... That's played well since 'Peyton Place.' Rather, it was its post-modern treatment. It worked well as prime-time escapism, but also there was a darker current that played like a cross between 'American Beauty' and 'Dynasty.'"
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"Nature and TV abhor a vacuum and one was quickly created with the merger that spawned the CW."
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"For those programs that did not start well, they face an uphill struggle. One week does not make a season but networks can't wait weeks to find audiences."
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