Benjamin Bratt Quotes

5 Benjamin Bratt quotes:

"As an audience member, I like watching Rupert as an actor when he's most playful, ... I think Rupert is really adept at comedy; I think that's where his strength lies."
Author: Bratt Quotes Category: Comedy Quotes
"My family is like a sanctuary to me. I always turn to them for support and strength. I take comfort in knowing no matter which path I choose, my family stands behind me."
Author: Bratt Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"He smiled and said, 'Yeah, yeah, sure kid.' Then he slammed the door and just drove off, ... I didn't cry, but it hurt my feelings."
Author: Bratt Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"I don't think that there is any longer a dark shadow cast over actors who work in television, so I would readily go back."
Author: Bratt Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"I'm happy when I'm productive, ... And television allows you to do that."
Author: Bratt Quotes Category: Television Quotes

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