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Marcus Ginyard Quotes

9 Marcus Ginyard quotes:

"It's hard to believe it's over. We played so well all year. For 40 minutes, to be gone like that is shocking."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"Coach said in the locker room that it wasn't perfect, but we made something out of it. We continued to push through, even though we hit a little adversity. We weren't hitting shots, and we were a little sloppy, but we turned something great out of it."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"He's going to make those shots. Even over great defense."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"Everything was his way or the highway, which was good. We came home and we weren't going anywhere until our homework was done. We weren't playing video games until all our homework was done. And the dishes better be done before he gets home from work."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"We understand we can't have any mental mistakes. Mental mistakes are what other teams capitalize on, and that's how you get upsets. We've got to get the mind strong for where we're going to go."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"We're lacking [confidence] right now. We're lacking. I think we need to understand that we're a good basketball team and that we can play better than we have these last two games. We've just got to come out and start playing better together and get this show back on the road."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"This made us realize there's no room for all the mistakes we made tonight. We were lucky to get away with it. We have to play better basketball, smarter basketball throughout the rest of the tournament."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"Everybody is coming together and finding what they do best and doing it to the best of their ability."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"It's just two great basketball teams clashing like that. That's why the rivalry is such a big deal."
Author: Ginyard Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes

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