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John Tory Quotes

6 John Tory quotes:

"I do have a problem with the fact that that's it. This man came to the plowing match for the second year in a row and had nothing to say to an industry that is in crisis."
Author: Tory Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"There has been a subversion or violation of the rules, intentional or not."
Author: Tory Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"He has broken a fundamental trust with Ontarians and I have seen nothing that suggests he's decided to start being straightforward with people."
Author: Tory Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"Simple information requests encounter huge roadblocks or exorbitant costs and there are massive delays in getting information."
Author: Tory Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"Even the rules that are in place are not being followed."
Author: Tory Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"People in communities in the north are losing their jobs and this announcement will be little comfort to them,"
Author: Tory Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes

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