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20 Tim Finchem quotes:

"a moment was taken to determine, by each captain, whether his respective teams concurred with moving in that direction."
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"We have given a general flavor of the direction we're going with our television partners. They see the possibilities in terms of strengthening our overall product."
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"Tucson has a long and rich history of staging PGA Tour events going back several decades, and we're thrilled that the sports fans in that region of the country will have an opportunity to see this world-class competition."
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"It's a testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of St. Paul's and the community to be able to get together and get this thing done as quickly as they did."
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"I have a lot of respect for Sandy and his understanding of the game, ... Our design people went out there and kind of got their arms around the scope of the project. That led us to think if it was rebuilt, it could be pretty special."
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"There was a strong sentiment to do this, and in the end, we determined that it might as well occur sooner than later, particularly now that Arnold has consciously reduced his competitive playing schedule. Arnold has been the face of the tournament for a number of years, and it makes sense that it bears his name to honor his countless contributions to the tournament and to the PGA Tour."
"a man of tremendous generosity."
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"No honor is higher than that of being selected by your peers."
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"The PGA Tour is very excited about making golf history in Mexico. One of our goals is to expand the reach of golf, and Mexico has demonstrated a growing passion for the sport."
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"The golf course itself has gotten better each time we've been there."
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"We're not excited about changes in the golf course being the story at any point in time. We want the golf course and the history of the golf course to be the story."
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"If we're not playing golf, I don't know how else we can honor him, ... There's not much of a forum to remind people about Payne. This provides us a way to tell what he was all about."
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"Yes, no question about it. We've had a great week and the golf course has proved itself. When we come back, we've got our challenges to get the course ready again, we all recognize that. But we've cleared that first hurdle."
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"I don't think we could have predicted the level of reaction for the golf course from the players,"
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"We believe Hartford can be a premier event in the fall with a golf course that is very solid."
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"With NBC and CBS having the weekends, and Thursday and Friday coverage on the Golf Channel, our coverage is streamlined. We are delighted with the financial benefits of these agreements."
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"We're very, very excited. This would be important to any tour. It's that good a golf course and it has, within golf, that strong a reputation."
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"The Golf Channel is the premier platform for our programming. We wouldn't have said that five years ago ... but today, in terms of how they reach our fan base, we are very comfortable with their distribution."
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"We're in the planning process. We would like to play a full-fledged World Golf Championship in the fall in Asia. It's premature to say where, but our intent is to do something next year."
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"We have a streamlined set of relationships. With NBC and CBS having all the weekends, it really relaxes and reinforces the continuity we can provide to our fans."

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