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"You don't know what is going to happen. You know everyone has some anxiety at this time of year, and the ability to play through that is an ability."
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"Baseball is not like football or basketball, ... There are 27 outs to get and whichever team is best suited to get those 27 outs, to control that tempo, is going to be there at the end. We've gotten a huge lift from Chacon and Wright and I still believe in my heart of hearts the big guy is going to be dynamite for us down the stretch."
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"He throws hard, and he's just a baby -- 19 years old. The thing that's unusual for a kid as young as he is, his curveball is really impressive. His stuff is very real."
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"On both sides, balls were hit good, good plays, weird plays, just a lot of things, and they were the better club tonight."
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"It's disappointing. I think the final score doesn't indicate what kind of game it was. Both sides, balls hit good, good plays, weird plays."
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"The shape of his stuff was the big thing. I wasn't concerned about strikeouts, because there weren't many balls hit on the fat of the bat. That's the key with Randy."
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"We have a lot of guys that need to send their clothes to dry cleaning."
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"He's been a mainstay, no question, ... Every single playoff game, once he started. But this is something I know he has no resentment towards. Really, it's no blow to his ego."
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"It's good for the game. It's bad for my stomach."
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"It's time to properly honor the Yankees' place in this country's history and create a true Monument Valley large enough for all Americans to see. The Magnificent Seven will join the original four just as soon as someone can figure out a way to carve a 40-foot-high Yogi face."
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"code of honor when so much is on the line."
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"He's a young man. It's pretty remarkable when you figure out how many home runs he has."
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"This is a very big win, obviously. To go home with a winning road trip after coming here and losing the first night the way we did is big."
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"Jason has come up in situations and you say, 'We need a home run' and he's hit one. That's storybook stuff."
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"Whatever there is for him there, he'll handle it fine. He has a sense of humor about this stuff, and that's important."
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"There was a lot of hunger on our bench, ... Everybody was pulling for everybody, their volume was up. I think it was because [Tuesday] night wasn't a good feeling."
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"There was a lot of hunger on that bench tonight. Everybody was pulling for everybody. The volume was up a little bit tonight. A lot of it was because [Tuesday night] wasn't a good feeling to go home from, especially scoring nine runs and coming away empty."
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"If you have to say goodbye he certainly leaves you with good memories, ... But the most important thing is if the fit is going to be right. I still think he?s got baseball left. It depends on the makeup of this club."
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"He went to see Dr. [Robert] Watkins and there was marked improvement. He going to see his therapist in Georgia [Brown's home] and continue doing what he's doing. He's not throwing yet, but if he improves, he could pitch for us in September."
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"We're not hitting. When you say that, you hate to take anything away from the way they pitched. They were certainly good up and down the line. We didn't get many opportunities."
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