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"We must find innovative ways to grow and thrive as a region without compromising our environment, ... This is not an easy task.... It means getting the most bang for our buck, or to put it another way, getting the most green for our green."
Author: Sims Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"has made a commitment that what they recommend will be implemented."
Author: Sims Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"I'm really pleased with what I know so far about this election, ... It's light-years away from what the performance was last year."
Author: Sims Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"August gave a little talk before the show about how he dropped out of school, regretted it and spent hours in the library educating himself, ... He talked about developing your intellect, being open to the world and life through books. It was one of the most brilliant speeches I've ever heard on that subject, and it really moved those kids."
Author: Sims Quotes Category: School Quotes
"King County has completed a remarkable financial turnaround that any corporation would envy."
Author: Sims Quotes Category: Envy Quotes
"a clear lack of momentum and, frankly, poor financial management."
Author: Sims Quotes Category: Management Quotes

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