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"It's my overpowering length that is such an asset on a golf course like this, ... The course is playing well, and it's playing fast. I've hit the ball solidly the last couple of days and had enough opportunities that I've taken advantage of a few. I hope I can continue that."
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"If we see cold, wet conditions, I'm in trouble."
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"I'm used to the bubble, man, but it's still a bubble, ... It's a nice problem to have. I hope to calm down and come back to work for San Antonio, Greensboro, Vegas, Disney and Tampa to see where I stand. Regardless, this is my best year. Whatever happens from here, I'm tickled."
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"It's nice to be remembered for your commitment to the tour. But at some point, you have to validate those invitations. You have to back it up."
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"I asked the scorer what the protocol was for withdrawing, ... I didn't want to get in trouble with the USGA if I bailed out. But it didn't feel right not playing. I feel like every round is an opportunity to learn something."
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