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"It's a different pull. This is much lower. [Doctors] are still determining whether it's related or not, and how severe it might be."
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"I would bet that Kyle's not ready to go this week. I'll wait on the doctors, but that one we're most assured of. What the time frame is beyond the week I couldn't say, but I can almost guarantee without being a doctor that Kyle won't go this week."
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"I was fortunate. A lot of it has to do with fate. I knew coming in we had a good talent base. And that this is a good organization. But there were fewer obstacles to winning here than I thought there would be."
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"I've got a quarterback that's had a year off, ... I wanted to get as many viable snaps, game snaps, with Anthony Wright going into the Tennessee game that I could."
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"That's that hook I'm talking about. Why would you not hold on to the potential for that for as long as you possibly can? ... These guys, the way they played last night, tells me they're holding onto that."
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"We spent next year's No. 1 to get a guy who was ranked 10th on our board this year. What's that worth? Unless we wind up in the top 10 of next year's draft -- and we think we're going to a better team than that -- we can live with that price. This building is pumped. We've added to our offense and our defense, and we've got a quarterback we can build around."
"We got a lot of work to do plain and simple. This bye week didn't look to be in a good spot when it first came out, but obviously right now it's what we need because we have a great deal of work this next two weeks."
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"I don't know of a football field, pup, community, Pop Warner, junior high, high school or college that that's not a touchdown. But evidently not in the NFL."
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"They acted like out of control men, ... They acted like men who let the passion of the moment get away from them."
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"Passion, emotion and intensity are good, but they've always got to be under control."
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"I think the process is equitable. It's certainly not perfect. And management would be wise to be more inclusive in their perspective. But Marvin has been enriched by the fact that he has gotten to go through the process. I have no doubt in my mind that someone's going to wisely make him a head coach."
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"It had great strength, the point where he could probably play, but, on reexamination, from the long-term perspective, they decided to go with the surgery. I think they went about it the right way."
"Mark brings the unique perspective to the position that only a former player can bring."
"We've got a lot of work to do, plain and simple."
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"You never pass up dynamic talent. Is he all you need? No. But I'll take it."
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"I can do the math. You can't trade sevens for three, plain and simple."
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"The frustration, the angst -- anger, if you will -- of the fans right now is matched only by the coaches and the players and the organization. It's very frustrating, very angering to not play better, to not do a couple of those things that you have to win in a close game."
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"Look, Fish, ... the only criminal behavior Kyle is capable of is quarterbacking. So, he is what we would call a 'hardened criminal.'"
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"I believe in the character of this football team, ... We made some egregious mistakes [Sunday]. But I believe in the character of these guys, and I'll stick by that character and support them to the end."
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"Sure, but just from the intensity of this game. Not taking advantage of the momentum the way we have done the last month or so."
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