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13 Joel Quenneville quotes:

"He's got a great track record of being an excellent coach. When you look at the whole package, he's a very passionate, strong-minded guy with a great opinion on the game."
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"I always viewed it as an honor and privilege to coach Al. He's one of the guys who would do anything to win."
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"I think it makes everybody around the group more solid, you get better opportunities to assess your talent and your team, and they get exposed to situations that maybe they wouldn't have been able to get over the course of the season and you're better and you're deeper as you go along. I think that's where we're at right now with our group. I think everybody's handled the situation well."
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"I think (Laperriere) gets noticed with how well he can check, but I think, offensively, he's got some ability to make plays,"
"That was definitely a strange game. We had a couple of games where we had the three-goal lead and let it get away from us earlier in the year. I liked the way we battled back. Even though we were down by three goals, we were still positive."
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"I think he had a real good start to the year. Lately, some games he's been strong, some games he hasn't. We'd like to see a little more consistency in his play."
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"It was a great environment for a hockey game. The fans were terrific. It felt like a playoff game. The crowd was into it. It was nice to see such great support from the fans. I thought right from the outset the building was electric."
"Joe wanted to go. A couple guys wanted to go, and I think you need (prior) approval, and I didn't want to risk (a penalty) at that stage of the game. I still think he'll remember it. It was a huge goal, a timely goal."
"With the new rules, the puck carrier is going to have more leverage to do what he wants, ... Having puck possession is obviously a great way to play the game. If you don't have the puck, you want to work hard to get it back as quick as you can, and that involves checking hard."
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"All you need is love."
"We're coming off two critical months. November and December, as far as the volume of games and a lot of real busy stretches in those months - this month looks like each and every game we should be well-prepared, ready and rested. This is an opportunity for us to help ourselves and position ourselves where we'd like to move up in the standings."
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"The opportunity is definitely there. Somebody's got to seize it."
"He's showing me, we'll call it surprise patience with the puck. I didn't know he had that ability, but it's certainly been nice to see."

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