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"He's got to work on his body, to get stronger for the next level, but he's terrific. He doesn't get rattled; he's seen probably every defense."
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"Under the circumstances of what he's had to go through this year, he's had a darn good year."
"The formula I always use for picking teams is whoever has the most talent in the junior and senior class wins the championships,"
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"Even though he is like a son to me, he has been seriously reprimanded. A lot of consequences are going to be paid for this, but it's a lesson for everybody."
"He coached a perfect game tonight, offense and defense. It was one of the best coached games I've seen in some time."
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"It's not for entertainment. It's going to be a very intense practice. We're not going to hold back because you are there. We're not going to watch our language, so if that bothers you, don't come."
"The best part about it is that he [Donovan] hasn't changed except growing older and having a family. He's still the same humble person from Providence College that he was in 1987."
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"This is not Conference USA. That was a finesse, fast-break type league. This is a football league in a basketball league. We let them push us around on the glass. You've got to put pads on and get ready to go."
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"Our goal is the same as it was when we left (for this road trip). We had six road games left. We want to win at least two of those and sweep our remaining four games at home. … We had a golden opportunity that we gave away (at Rutgers), which was one of our best opportunities on the road."
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"I think our young players are learning how to play, but now they have to learn how to win, how to finish a game, and we're not doing it."
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"The formula I always use for picking teams is whoever has the most talent in the junior and senior class wins the championships."
"It could happen to anyone when you get hired by a different president. There's a difference in philosophies. It happens. It's a change in CEOs. They have their own people, their own philosophies, and it's different than what Bob stands for."
"It's going to be brutal. You've really got to be on your game every night out. There are going to be some good teams at home come March when they might otherwise be in the (NCAA) tournament. The league is that good."
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"This wasn't a good victory. It was a great victory."
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"People are going to start recognizing his coaching ability."
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"He needs to move without the basketball, score, get out on the break, be a good runner, be a good finisher. Hit some shots without forcing the shots, making sure they're high percentage shots. Defensively, he can do some things; offensively, he's very limited."
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"We have a whole new basketball team. It's going to take time to nurture this team. We may have survived a little if we were in Conference USA with this team. But surviving in the Big East is another story. You've got to grow up in a hurry."
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"T-Will did a very good job of passing the basketball. I think he's going to do a lot down the road what (former Cardinal) Francisco Garcia does. That's the best part about his game is his passing."
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"What did (Noah) say, 'Last time I checked, there was food in the fridge. Noah is a terrific college player, but he's not ready. It's one thing to go to the pros, and another to be ready to play."
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"What it shows you is that not only are they not afraid of competition, but the name Louisville is certainly not going to intimidate this team one bit."
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