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11 Patrick Fitzgerald quotes:

"It would be viewed as cooperation with the investigation."
"When citizens testify before grand juries, they are required to tell the truth. The requirement to tell the truth applies equally to all citizens including persons who hold high positions in government."
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"We need to know the truth. Anyone who would go into a grand jury and lie, obstruct and impede the investigation has committed a serious crime."
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"The guy who's installing it has ensured me it's going to be hospital-quality air, ... There's no place like it in Columbus. We're going to have six-night-a-week live entertainment, something that someone over 35 can enjoy. It would be more like a jazz club with some '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s and maybe some '80s music."
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"The truth is the engine of our judicial system, and if you compromise the truth, the whole process is lost."
"A CIA employee assigned to provide daily intelligence briefs to the Vice President and Libby has handwritten notes indicating that Libby referred to 'Joe Wilson' and 'Valerie Wilson' by those names in conversation with the briefer on June 14, 2003."
"[Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas derided any potential perjury charge as a] technicality, ... two years' of investigation was not a waste of time and dollars."
"You need to understand the pain, the horror, the agony that the bombing put so many families through."
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"When a vice president's chief of staff is charged with perjury and obstruction of justice, it does show the world that this is a country that takes its law seriously; that all citizens are bound by the law."
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"When citizens testify before grand juries, they are required to tell the truth,"
Author: Fitzgerald Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"I would welcome such a communication reaffirming Mr. Libby's waiver."

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