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10 Bruce Williams quotes:

"Gabi is very team focused and looks to get others involved as much as possible. She has the ability to make both herself and her teammates better because of her hard work and positive attitude."
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"Never love anything that can't love you back."
"We were put through a lot of effort a lot of community consultation in responding to the challenges raised by the Calgary Planning Commission, and we're very happy that the council responded accordingly to our position."
"He was it, the man, the top dog of the company. I just assumed he would go and do great things."
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"I think this game was one of our hardest fought victories of the year. Almond's record doesn't indicate the competitiveness of their team and I'm proud of the girls for how they battled the whole game."
"We put on our jeans the Saturday before Christmas and cook smoked barbecue ribs and chicken for the employees. My grandfather did all the cooking and my cousin and I do it the same way."
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"We have world-class facilities in Davis, ... We have a good place for our kids to go to school. We need to keep them that way by reinvesting money into the care of them."
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"The laws are OK. They're tough, but we comply. We need people to do their jobs and get us permits when we need them."
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"We really kind of pioneered a technology here at Fossil Rim where we use ultrasound on both our white rhinos and black rhinos and we can even document pregnancy in animals at about 30 days."
"We're aware of the potential charges coming down the line. We are prepared to meet them and will resolve them in due course with the other two matters presently pending."
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