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15 Adam Dunn quotes:

"It's going to devalue Tumwater in a major way. I don't want to see our whole community go down just because of a jail."
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"It's going to devalue Tumwater in a major way, ... I don't want to see our whole community go down just because of a jail."
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"He has his confidence back and it showed tonight."
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"[Adam Dunn got a little sticker shock after renting a big-screen TV to play video games in his Pittsburgh hotel room. The four-day tab came to $884.] To rent a TV! ... When I saw that bill, I asked for my room key back so I could go to the room and carry out that TV I just bought."
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"[When Rob Butcher, director of media relations, told Dunn,] Only 25 players in the history of the game have 1,000 extra-base hits, ... Thanks, Rob, that's all I wanted to know."
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"I hope so. I didn't think it was going to be like that for a while. But with new ownership coming in and it seems like they're committed to not just competing, but winning, I'm on board for that."
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"That kind of stuff happens. I'm not going to go home and cry over it. Hopefully, I'll give them a lot more to cheer about than to boo about."
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"To win a gold bracelet in Vegas at the World Series of Poker. Or to become a professional bass fisherman."
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"I've been seeing lefthanders good all year. I know my numbers stink. I think I've been overly aggressive, trying to pull everything. I'm not doing anything different -- just hitting it more."
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"It's what I do for a living."
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"People assume I can't hit for average. I've hit for average all my life, until I got up here. It's not because I can't. It's because people have tried to get me to hit more homers. I'll hit even more home runs when I'm hitting the way I can."
"He was back to his old self,"
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"The game is changing, man. It's developing. You've got to find new stuff."
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"I can't wait to sit down and talk to them. They seem like people I can talk to. You know how it is with people in that position, but these guys seem as normal as can be."
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"I like this park. I don't like that it has a first-base dugout, though, cause I have to run further [to left field]. We even have that at home. Can we change that?"
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